KittyKat Lashes

Hey Ladies, 

My name is Sonya. I am certified from EyelashCanada for Advanced Eyelash Extensions. I love what I do, seeing the difference it makes on your appearance and confidence is why I do this! I operate from a beautiful, inviting in-house studio. I book appointments via text, emails or calls. 

If you've been contemplating getting this service done here's some more informations for you:

  1. Eyelash Extensions are safe. They do not pull out your own lashes but rubbing and being rough with your lashes can. Don't ever try to remove your lashes by yourself. I offer a removal service, to avoid any damage.
  2. Your lashes naturally grow in cycles, so its important to maintain your beautiful lashes by fills every 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. With Eyelash Extensions there's no more need for mascara. You'll notice you wake up looking instantly fresh. Perfect for busy days and nights.
  4. Unlike many other salons I do not count and charge per lash. I simply want the best look that works for you. I will spend the time necessary to make you look your best!
E Y E L A S H   E X T E N S T I O N